Table, chair, blanket, clock……
(Work in process)
Concept and choreography: Ana Jelusic

makes a room a room

is the room

kind of a room

is making the room                                                           what (4x)

is it if it is not a room                                          who

is when it is not a room               where

f d
r e l a t i o n r o o m
k i
e n
f g
e i
n s h u i s
g t
c h ai r
b e
t l m
a a a
b n k
c l o c k i
e e n
t g

At this beginning’s stage of research into the space of a room, I am sharing a practice of I call it fake feng shui (with all due respect to ancient Chinese wisdom). I am relating the afore mentioned objects, and perchance several more, to each other, the architecture, light, smell, weather, climate, material, people and contingent occurrences. What kind of spaces are established and what rhythms, lies in the doing. It is an interplay of movement and stillness, it is subtle yet very present, it is playful, yet stern, it is tedious yet alive and vibrant. I am investigating the doing as the making.


Table chair blanket clock