Inna Krasnoper. ( MY PIECE IS ) ARRIVING


Inna Krasnoper: direction, choreography;

Carrie McILwain: stage, artistic and process support, costumes;

Éva Rozália Tankó: choreography and performance,

Daniella Kaufman: choreography and performance,

Tabea Xenia Magyar: choreography and performance,

Bianka Schurina: costumes,

Jonas Maria Droste: stage.

Big thanks to Sharon Smith, Litó Walkey, Iva Radic and Eva-Maria Hoerster- for artistic advice and process support!


The work tends to draw near to Change, Prerequisite and Course.

Staying at a place or going further. The image takes place: not yet/ too late.

Movements are based on the abstracted paths; spatial construction prescribes the task.

Originated from pre-images and inspirations, elements run concurrently in the piece.

Having formed the work’s human language, objects accompany and mediate what have been there and may happen.

Going though the scenes we encourage the stability dynamically and challenge the structure consequently!

Thanks to the efforts of the team, [my] piece is “Arriving”.