Anna Jarrige. GAL-E-A

choreographed and performed by Anna Jarrige
song by Patsy Cline, Crazy

The process of the solo “Gal-e-a” started in 2012 when I moved to Berlin. The source of inspiration came from the condition of being a freshly arrived foreigner in a new environment .This statement quickly developed towards the idea that being unknown allows one to play with his/her identity, his/her visibility because no one can judge him/her from a previous experience.

One of the sources of inspiration is “Eleven AM”, a painting from Edward Hopper where a naked  woman sitting on a bed has her head turned profile, hidden by her hair. The unknown body who we identify as being a woman indeed has no face. The perspective chosen by Hopper stimulates our imagination and in thought we might try to recreate the expression of this woman´s face, the colour of her eyes, the shape of her lips, the texture of her skin… The mental process resulting from watching this woman seems to reflect that the way we identify to one another is connected to our face and our gaze. When we meet a new person we directly look into his/ her eyes. Moreover by watching this painting we give another dimension to the woman drawn on the painting´s surface. She is no longer a flat image but becomes a three dimensional body, with this  shoulder we would like to make her turn and reveal.

From observing Hopper´s painting and the Gestalt bilder among other artists an interest in dealing with visibility and invisibility strongly arose.

The 20 minute solo is attempting to produce an effect on the audience´s perception regarding the performer´s identity and evocate different images, forms and characters.

Momentaufnahme 1 (10.04.2014 14-20)