Emma Tricard. ANAGLYPH

Created and performed by Agnès Potié & Emma Tricard
Mentor : Jan Burkhardt
Thanks to Bruno Quélennec and his grandmother, Jan Burkhardt, David Mambouch, Pierre Tandille, Jean Saada, Dimitri Mager, and everyone who helped and hosted us during the process.

Friday 25.04  9:00 PM, Studio 14

she confuses herself without turning back
I am
she did not finish to whisper we reach the edge of the forest
she walks in the past
they think
and take the wrong path
she doesn’t like the sea, I like the city and the mountains, we took the train
I search angles
I see until the end of your legs, no further
I come closer
I trip her up

and so it goes

“Qu’est-ce que nous faisons dans l’irrésolution ? Nous oscillons entre deux ou plusieurs motifs, qui nous tirent alternativement en sens contraire.”
Diderot & Alembert, Encyclopédie

What is it that we do in indecision? We oscillate between two or more motives, which tear us alternately in opposite directions.